Running solvent through lines to manually clean air pressure pots and spray guns is not only a wasteful process but the cost of not being environmentally compliant becomes expensive. Regulations are being enacted presently trageting body shops, but will eventualy include all painting operations

The Deparment of Environmental Protection (DEP) in multiple states have regulation requiring the use of enclosed containers for cleaning spray guns.

Some Industry regulations include the following:

  • Federal and State agencies: Reduces emissions of smogs from cleaning solvent since the machine is enclosed.
  • Federal, State, and Local regulations Hazardous Air Pollution (HAP): Reduces emissions of  from solvent cleaning. 
  • SARA Title III: Solvent storage and usage are regulated by SARA Title III, if certain thresholds are exceeded.
  • 29 CFR 1910: Reduces occupational exposures.

Benefits of Spray Gun Cleaner includes the following

  • 70 to 80 percent cost savings for solvents used to manually wash paint guns due to solvent recycling and reuse
  • Reduces the amount of hazardous waste and hazardous air emissions generated
  • Localized handling site for solvents used for paint gun washing Because solvent storage is localized, procurement of standardized solvent(s) are possible for this maintenance action
  • Accurate waste solvent classification for this maintenance action is simplified
  • Fully automatic, reduces labor Pneumatically operated (non-electric) washer
  • Reduces worker exposure to solvent, hazardous waste and hazardous air emissions

The compliance benefits listed here are only meant to be used as general guidelines.